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This is one of the most effective marketing ploy on the net. It drives so much traffic that many agencies use data from affiliate marketing site to rate the sites performance. Another factor which influences the popularity of this marketing system is the fact that affiliate marketing suits everybody’s budget the more budget as there is a large price band.

How it Works

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a system where the site which wishes to market itself subscribes to an affiliate site which drives traffic coming to its site to various affiliates and charges them on the basis of either the number of visitors sent or by a percentage of the business done through the affiliate links.

This is done by showcasing your products along with other similar products along with price quotations and some detail on the product supplied from your web site. When the user wishes to get more information he clicks on the link and is sent to your website. And then according to the traffic diverted to your site or according to the successful clients sent the affiliated site is charged.

Our PPC Methodology

Bullet Setting-up Affiliate System
Bullet Creation of Promotional Materials
Bullet Submission of Affiliate Program to Affiliate Directories (Paid & Free)
Bullet ROI Rsearch & Competitive Analysis
Bullet Dedicated Affiliate Managers to Handle Affiliates Requirements
Bullet Sending Invitations to Affiliates
Bullet Fraud Prevention Measures
Bullet Email, Phone & Chat Support for Affiliates


Recent surveys and researches have shown that a huge percentage of the traffic coming to various sites have large contribution of affiliate based traffics and in case of various small and medium sized Web assets the contribution of affiliate marketing based traffic was larger than direct visitors from search engines and other sources combined together.

But affiliating has its downfalls too if not done with correct agencies who can actually bring the target audience to your site. Affiliate marketing sites many times get audiences who are less likely to buy your services or products. Thus some research regarding the affiliate site you are choosing has to be done too.

Still Affiliate marketers today have evolved a highly systematic servicing and rating system which many times provide very accurate data and have very efficient traffic diversion system. They categorize the list according your given set of keywords and then place your products ad whenever a user types those keywords in the search tab. The list is either randomly given or according to some other system which must be studied before submitting to the affiliate listing.

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