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Based on our promise to bring all services under one roof we provide quality software testing solutions here at AEC. Software testing is as important as the development itself, since no software can be rid of bugs in the initial stages without testing. Thus for success in the field of software development a stringent software testing system is the need of the hour. Without high quality testing all the work done and reputation that is built by any software developing firm maybe easy lost due to various defects which can be small to critical. Testing also improves the overall quality of the product by removing defects that may be only detected in the working environment.

At AEC we provide a variety of testing services involving the following packages:

Bullet Specification testing: Every software or website is designed to meet certain specific needs, and it needs to be checked for its satisfying these requirements. This test is not only for checking whether the product is meeting its requirements but also to check for malfunction in it’s functioning.

Bullet Benchmarking or Performance based testing: Performance testing is extremely necessary because to gain an edge over other products it is essential for the product to use its potential to deliver the best results it can. While testing softwares and websites for performance their functional ability like the ability to properly encrypt the data etc. have to be checked. Also the speed of its in performing the desired tasks is important; this too is checked in this testing package.

Bullet Portability testing: This is again an important factor in determining the success of a product and in many cases in history it sure has led to the downfall of many programs. For a software portability means its ability to run on a variety of platforms this enables large number of user to run your software. But for websites it becomes even more necessary that it can be accessed by various browsers and other system otherwise its popularity may suffer a lot.

At AEC we observe a work principle of precision and performance which makes our products perform at their peak. TO implement such accuracy we have developed and used testing mechanism which ensure that your product when tested by us satisfy the stringent requirements of the industry and also those set by you.

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