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Outsourcing has been there for a long time but has been known by various names. Today outsourcing is a major influencing factor of success of firms today. Outsourcing can be said to an impact of specialization. It’s simple to understand, in developing a department and hiring new employees and then training them a huge amount of resources are utilized. Also this is a draining experience for the firm’s management since they have to manage departments which are not connected to the basic functioning of the company. These functions may include maintenance, customer care and other similar functions which have little to do with the main functions of the company. Also since these are one off departments they drain a huge amount of resources. Outsourcing comes to the rescue of the companies when it comes to performing job in which they are not specialized in.

AEC specializes in technical outsourcing. Our technical expertise in this field gives you an enormous edge. But more that that our flexible contracts offer you various clauses that ensure that you can maximize your returns form your deals. Also intellectual property rights and client data security are our highest priority. Since we place paramount importance making the net and related industries a safe place security always has been our paramount concern. Also time based delivery contracts too are our specialty, and given our excellent track record in completions of projects on-time has given us high credibility in our sector.

And of course being quality consultants ourselves our product have quality par excellence. Stringent quality norms and quality testing ensure that your product is delivered exactly as demanded with high precision performance. These overall factors can be seen in our flexible contract system which give you complete peace of mind and assure you high returns which helps your company get that cutting edge in today’s market.  

AEC Outsourcing Services

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Web Consulting Internet Marketing e-Business Strategy Outsourcing Services
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.Web Development
.Web Designing
.Graphics Designing
.Flash Animation
.Promotion Services
.Affiliate Marketing
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.SEO Consultancy
.Link Popularity
.B2B Solutions
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.Internet Applications
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.Offshore Software Development
.Quality Consulting
.Application Maintenance
.Testing Services
.Custom Application Development