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As the name suggest Flash makes your web assets flashy by adding that extra visual edge to your website and its applets giving it the required ambience. Flash is a force to reckon with in website designing industry which enables sizzling animation to be added to the web assets while keeping in the mind the speed and size requirements of the visitors. For a long time flash has been viewed as an eye candy technology only. But now it has proven its capability by robustly running flash based applications that access user database and update easily. We at AEC use flash to achieve high creative and stylish designing.

Some of the basic uses are:

Bullet Flash based application: Many small as well as medium sized applications have to be built which enable the user to perform many functions in any less time consuming way as once the app has been loaded it doesn’t need to refresh as frequently as a webpage must to do the   same function.

Bullet Flash based banners: Every website needs to post it own authentic banner which are an important part of the online identity of the spirit of the Web site.

Bullet Flash based Buttons and ads: Stylish ads and buttons help enhance the features of the Web asset and help create custom or unique stylization according to specific needs.

Bullet Flash based content designing of the entire web site: Flash enables the entire designing of Web based texts and contents making them blend into the overall design of the page.

Bullet Flash animation and short movies: One of the most powerful uses that our professionals have put it into our latest Contents. Short animation clips add that extra to your content and are also a great way of attracting the more visual oriented visitor to your site.

Using Flash and Action script remarkable our expert designers have produced stunning at the same time economical products that helps AEC`s web creations go that extra mile.

Technology Offerings

.Flash MX, Director
.Flash with XML
.Flash with MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL

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