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B2B solutions have always been there far back in human establishment, dating back into the beginning of human settlements who practiced Barter system. But today our needs are complicated and so are the B2B relations.
No business can survive on its own. Business however large have always relied on others for a supplies, services, personals and even for inspiration as rivals. But today every company has to deal with a large number of companies in the current market for a variety of reasons.

Thus it becomes necessary to bring these facilities in step with the cyber age. By creating B2B portals your partners can easily view and track goods and services as well as communicate online anytime from anywhere through your e-portals and marketplace.

Not only this but building B2B systems also help you to easily cooperate with others having similar systems. Most importantly B2B solutions have shown high positive returns. Using vertical B2B portals you can reach out to more clients and suppliers enabling you to get more business on one hand and better prices and services form the suppliers.

All these need quality soft wares that are highly robust and reliable since your business processes might get affected by any discrepancy in these softwares. At AEC we rely on our strong technological background to design and develop B2B solutions that provides you with complete satisfaction and performance.

Just some of benefits of B2B solutions:

Bullet Larger response base from agencies providing services
Bullet Larger consumer response
Bullet Faster and remotely available solutions
Bullet Better and easier database logging
Bullet Higher returns

Technology Offerings

.Microsoft .NET Platform
.Java, J2EE Environment
.Cold Fusion / PHP
.MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL

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