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When constructing a building it is imperative for the architect to make a solid design and do solid planning based on the ground realities. Website designing is similar to building except that it’s more dynamic in nature. Thus web designing is one of the most key concept in building a good website or portal.

Proper planning must be done keeping in mind the following factors:


Bullet What is the average number of visitors that you expect at your site?
Bullet What data transfer speed do you need to assign to each visitor (This in turn depends upon what is the expected speed that you expect your visitors to have)?
Bullet Finally what should be the specification of your hosting services?
Bullet How much data will be needed to be stored?
Bullet How much data has to be encrypted or how many secure connections must be made?
Bullet How much data has to be stored at a secure area and how much of it you have to backup?
Bullet Finally, if you need to run applets and softwares on the server itself then server speed has to be accordingly assigned?


Bullet How much are you ready to invest in the present venture (this will depend upon how much return you expect)?
Bullet Returns on the net are not immediate since a specific stand out period is there where the returns are lower than your actual returns later on. This can vary from the initial months to years depending upon the success of link building and marketing.
Bullet How much extra resource are you ready to invest in this venture in the future especially in terms of maintenance


Bullet What image do you want to project for your company or product via this web site?
Bullet What are your intended visitors as the designing must suit thee taste?
Bullet Designing factors can limit performance thus both have to be considered together

Thus it becomes essential for a good Web designer to ask these questions and more to obtain the best results. At AEC we do just that to ensure complete satisfaction in our products.

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