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Technology especially related to computer, the web and electronics has become an ever-changing feature. With continuous improvement and updating in the software sectors maintaining their software assets have become rather challenging.

Using the most current technology and keeping it in shape has become the holy grail of most of the maintenance departments, especially in IT and web based firms. A huge part of funding is put in maintenance as these systems are the heart of the organization being the store house of data and likewise resources. Keeping these systems in prime condition thus becomes imperative. Yet the costs have to kept under check to attain actual success.

Maintenance should not be misunderstood for or servicing as maintenance includes all aspects required to keep a system running at its peak within the constraints of time, space and funds.
AEC keeps in mind all this during maintenance, we provide solutions that help you attain a new level of functional efficiency by doing corrective maintenance under which we remove the flaws or bugs in the system after complete analysis.

Secondly we give you updative maintenance in which your systems are tuned to your needs in such a way as to maximize its efficiency. We keep the system under constant observation over phases and find out the changes that can smoothen the system even more. Next certain updates maybe applied to remove flaws that arise from time to time due to change in functioning pattern and similar situations.

Lastly no maintenance can be called well done until it can prepare the system to go on for a long time without maintenance. This brings AEC specialty to future proof your systems by keeping provisions for future updates and changes to be made to the system.

Plus all this is done at AEC keeping mind the various constraints and meeting stringent industrial constraints.

Technology Offerings

.Microsoft .NET Platform
.Java, J2EE Environment
.Cold Fusion / PHP
.MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL

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.Web Designing
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.Application Maintenance
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