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Just imagine a world where consumers purchase good goods right from the comfort of their home with just a few clicks and that too at very low prices. Today we are standing very close to this realization and it is for those who seek the holy grail of consumer satisfaction to realize. B2C is selling products or services directly to your consumers; they may be end- users or retailers.

With internet one center can be accessed by everyone with a net connection in their home. This accessibility helps various companies providing B2C services to directly sell their products to the consumer thus eliminating the middle men and reducing prices for the consumer. This policy benefits both the consumer who gets very low price and the selling company which can get larger margin as well as improve relations with the consumers themselves.

Also various problems related to data especially sales data get accumulated easily as each sale is made and this data is highly accurate. Among the other benefits is the ability of the company to do all this much more economically and with lesser human resource and without paper records.

With all record being safely stored directly form your selling areas you get the benefit of eliminating the requirement for many services required to do these works.

B2C transactions thus have many benefits some of which are:

Bullet Direct consumer transaction improves client relations
Bullet Elimination of middle man
Bullet Faster transaction and returns
Bullet Paperless operation
Bullet Remote access to the consumer not requiring the firm to open large number of stores

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.Java, J2EE Environment
.Cold Fusion / PHP
.MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL

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