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At AEC we have been committed to provide a more safe and private experience to the Netizens. This commitment has led us to design our site in such a manner that you can browse a large part of it without having to give any details at all. Only those modules where certain details are absolutely required have secure forms for filling in the details.

This privacy statement is to inform the general visitors and clients about our privacy norms and practices.

External links privacy issues:

Though it has been our best efforts to give links form reputed sources only but nonetheless any personal data that you provide to third party sites are not covered by our privacy statements and policy. Any misuse if personal details or information given to such third party sites is not our liability and we strictly advise reading the privacy statements of such site before giving away personal details.

How we use your information:

The private and corporate information that we collect from you are not used by or supplied to any third party without prior permission of the owner of the information. Your personal and other important details are stored in a secure area with access to authorized personals only. Also any data or feedback given by you is stored and regularly updated to ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date at all times. It has been our prime objective to remove illegal proliferations of personal and other valuable details from the net community. In following these endeavors we try to make our products and services as secure and safe as possible especially in terms of data security and the same goes for our data storage.

Any changes to our privacy statement or policy will be updated here and the notification date shall be mentioned as well. Any material changes in our privacy policy shall be mentioned here as well as notified to the customers deemed as affected by such changes by us.

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