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Every individual is different; we are all unique and thus are our needs are different. The same can be said for needs of organizations. Every organization has very diverse needs. To meet it solutions must be provided which suits your needs. Also many needs are highly specific especially for firms working with cutting edge technology. Meeting these demands had been troublesome in the past especially because of high prices demanded by large software companies. Thus various establishments in the past had to do with non - custom applications.

But with constant evolution of software development custom application has become a large sector with even the software giants taking an active part in it. Custom application solutions simply means: to build soft wares according to the specific demands of the clients.

Custom applications are developed in mostly two ways:

Bullet Built on existing frameworks: Most custom soft wares are built on existing software frameworks, changes are made and new components are installed into these frameworks to get the final product satisfying the needs of the clients. This framework has several advantages in the sense that they lead considerably less time and resources. These make it the most common strategy implemented.

Bullet Built completely or by taking minimal features of existing framework: Generally the above development style is implemented. But when the need is such that it cannot be implemented on existing frameworks owned by the development firm. Then even only a skeletal framework maybe taken sometimes not even that. Upon this framework the custom application units are developed. This process is painstaking and risky since lots of bugs have to be eliminated too and thus a lot more testing has to be done.

But with AEC you gain an edge as our work culture of punctuality and precision have given us and enormous edge in this field. We cater to many small, medium as well as large companies as well, who have shown good faith in us over the years.

Advantages that AEC gives you:

Bullet High security structure enables you to protect your data from going into the wrong hands. Even inside your organization our dynamic sharing system enables you control access rights easily
Bullet Our custom applications are designed to run on a variety of platforms
Bullet You can easily consolidate data and run analysis, research or make reports on them
Bullet Our softwares also have high compatibility with some of the major custom application framework enabling you to use our product without much adjustment

Technology Offerings

.Microsoft .NET Platform
.Java, J2EE Environment
.Cold Fusion / PHP
.MS SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL

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